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Pyrite Removal & Decontamination Montreal

Our experts at Les Fondations Nouvelle Génération Inc. provide effective pyrite removal services in Montreal. We will ensure that the existing concrete floor and foundation walls are well-supported during the pyrite decontamination process, and we will also focus on reinforcing the structure of your property.

By getting rid of pyrite, we eliminate potential cracking and swelling of foundation walls and concrete slabs caused by this element. Our professionals eliminate any pyrite-caused floor covering degradation and focus on maintaining the aesthetics of your property.

Pyrite Removal Montreal

Our building foundation experts will offer their extensive knowledge and experience to help guide you through the pyrite decontamination process.

Inspection and Quotation: We will first inspect the property; once the property has been thoroughly inspected by our specialist and then we will provide you with a comprehensive quote outlining the expenses, the scope of work, and every stage involved in replacing the contaminated backfill.

Pyrite extraction: All the contaminated backfill beneath the concrete slab, all the way down to the foundation footing, needs to be replaced to permanently eradicate pyrite. The main tasks of the work include clearing the whole area, breaking up and removing the existing concrete slab, removing all the contaminated backfill, and replacing it with brand-new, non-swelling DB certified stone. 

The foundation walls, concrete slabs, and floors beneath your home are more than supports for the space directly above them. They ensure the structure remains stable, transferring load from the superstructure to the earth. 

Les Fondations Nouvelle Génération Inc. will use advanced industrial tools to complete the excavation, pyrite removal, and replacement process. We guarantee that your home’s foundations are pyrite-free and sturdy. View our projects to learn more.

Pyrite Decontamination Services

If you see the following signs, you possibly have Pyrite

  1. Humidity in the basement
  2. Star cracks on the concrete slab
  3. Floors that are not level
  4. Cracks in the foundation
  5. Doors that are hard to close
  6. White powder on the cracks located near the slab
  7. Signs of sulphatization

Our professionals will remove all traces of pyrite; this decontamination process requires a few essential steps:

  1. Concrete slab removal: Our foundation professionals will break the concrete slabs. We will remove them from the basement or garage floor.
  2. Pyrite excavation: We will excavate the pyritic backfill, working no deeper than the footing level. Our professionals will remove and decontaminate any pyrite in the foundations.
  3. Cracks sealing: Our experts will use polyurethane or epoxy injection methods to seal foundation cracks
  4. Foundation consolidation: We will reinforce the foundations, such as the foundation walls, using steel plates to make them sturdy.
  5. Vapour barrier installation: After laying the new, clean, DB-certified backfill, we install a vapour barrier.
  6. Support: We then install metal trellis to prevent the concrete from cracking, and to improve the concrete’s flexural strength.
  7. New concrete slab installation: We then pour a new concrete slab and complete with a trowel finish and wait for it to set.

We pay close attention to the foundational integrity of your home. With foundation repairs and pyrite removal, we will fully reinforce the foundation and eliminate any pyrite damage.

Pyrite Removal and Decontamination Services Montreal FAQs

Are you searching for more information about our pyrite removal and decontamination services in Montreal? Here are the more details.

Are there Health Risks with Pyrite Oxidation?

Pyrite oxidation can occur when contaminated slabs are in the presence of oxygen. However, it is not harmful by law and is less harmful than asbestos. Even though there are few health risks with pyrite, the humidity level in your home with pyrite damage can increase.

Is a Pyrite Test Obligatory?

Pyrite tests are not obligatory, however the only way to be 100% sure if the warning signs are related to pyrite is to ask a well-known laboratory to test the backfill.  

Contact Our Experts at Les Fondations Nouvelle Génération Inc. for Pyrite Removal and Decontamination

Our professionals at Les Fondations Nouvelle Génération Inc. pride ourselves on providing industry-best pyrite removal, structural foundation work, foundation waterproofing, and floor replacement. With unparalleled expertise, we are ready to offer pyrite decontamination services.

Make the foundations of your living space safe and increase the value of your property with our knowledgeable professionals. Contact our team today for an estimate and learn more about our pyrite removal services.

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