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Iron Ochre Solutions Montreal

At Les Fondations Nouvelle Génération Inc. we provide professional iron ochre solutions and prevention in Montreal and the surrounding area. Iron ochre is a reddish-brown sediment that can accumulate in drainage systems. With our help, we can remove and mitigate this buildup to protect your drainage system from causing mayhem and damage. A blocked drain can lead to an accumulation of water around your home and could lead to water infiltrating your basement.

It’s essential to address iron ochre buildup as it can lead to clogs, corrosion, and can lead to costly foundation problems. Our professionals will have your drainage system fully functional in no time.

Exterior French Drain Cleaning Montreal

Our exterior French drain cleaning services in Montreal can help clear your drains. An exterior French drain is a type of drainage system that redirects water away from the building’s foundation. This prevents water damage and basement flooding. If you have one of these drains, we can help clean it with a few simple steps. 

The state of an existing drain can be ascertained using a variety of instruments and techniques. An inspection through the camera can provide the whole story. We can prioritize the kind of work to be done first and diagnose particular or general issues.

  • Address clogs: If there are severe clogs or blockages in the French drain, we may implement more intensive measures. 
  • Check for damage: As the final step, we inspect the overall condition of the French drain components, including the pipes and the drainage slope. We look for any signs of damage or deterioration that may affect the drain’s functionality.

What does Iron ochre do?

Iron ochre can cause many unwanted side effects. First, the presence of iron ochre threatens the operation of the sewer and sump pump because the substance and its deposits stick to the inner and outer walls of the sewer as well as to the pump and the water inlet. In addition, ferrous deposits can block drains, preventing proper drainage after accumulation, heavy rain, or snowmelt. As a result, water begins to pool around the foundation of your home and under the concrete slab. Water can seep into the house through the foundation walls and appear as a reddish or brown sludge with a sulfur smell.

Another common cause of iron ochre is very high humidity in the home. This is evident in the appearance of mold and condensation on and around windows and window frames, as well as the appearance of efflorescence at the base of concrete walls.

Iron Ochre Solution Services Montreal FAQs

Are you eager to know more about our iron ochre solution services in Montreal? Here are some frequently asked questions. 

What Causes Iron Ochre?

Soil containing iron, oxygen, and water is the source of iron ochre deposits. A chemical or biological interaction, or a mix of the two, is required for ochre to exist and grow in soil. Iron is a naturally occurring element in soil and rises when combined with water, which initiates the chemical reaction that forms iron ochre. When this mixture is exposed to air, iron hydroxide is produced. This substance is called iron ochre and is created as a waste byproduct of iron bacteria and it typically creates a reddish-brown slime or ooze, which can potentially be very thick. This thick slime is known to affect drain and plumbing systems of all kinds. 

How to Mitigate or Prevent Iron Ochre?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent the growth of iron ochre. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of iron ochre growth and protect your home:

Possible solutions may include:

  • Raise the concrete slab above groundwater level – This will help prevent water infiltration as well as complications resulting from drainage obstructions.
  • Change your home’s French drain system or intended location.  To maximize drainage from the surrounding property and limit the accumulation of sediment in the drain, we may decide to change the planned location and size of your home’s drainage system and its openings. Instead, we can install a model that is less likely to cause a build-up and is larger in size, replacing the existing drain.
  • Put in a drainage access chimney – to easily access the drainage system, thereby allowing for proper maintenance.
  • Waterproof the inside of your foundation – Install membranes –this option is known to be quite successful; internal waterproofing helps to reduce the high level of humidity in the internal walls of medium or lower-level foundation walls.
  • Change the slope of the landaltering the slope of your property could be the key to avoiding any damage due to the presence of iron ochre. It’s mainly a question of preventing water from reaching the ground surrounding your home’s foundation.

Contact Our Experts at Les Fondations Nouvelle Génération Inc. for Iron Ochre Solutions in Montreal

Our professionals at Les Fondations Nouvelle Génération Inc. are committed to protecting your home from damage. We will assess the situation and provide you with professional turnkey solutions, meaning you don’t have to worry about a thing! With years of experience, we provide expert iron ochre solution services in Montreal. 

Keep your drainage systems functioning properly with the assistance of a 5-star foundation repair service provider. Contact our team today for pricing options and to learn about our iron ochre solution services.


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